47. Power of the sand ship
Posted on 31st Dec 2010, 3:46 PM in 2. Piranha Plant Laboratory

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47. Power of the sand ship
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Morgenstern 31st Dec 2010, 3:46 PM edit delete
Drinking and last minute writing--they might lead to some HMPH dialogue. Apologies all around.

It's kinda bizarre to look back at the comic's beginnings. I started in early June, and despite a lazy start and a massive hiatus, Mushroom Go has gone on far longer and with far more success than any of my previous attempts at a webcomic.

It's also strange because of how much everything has evolved, and how much each of the characters has changed over the course of less than 50 strips. Some of it is just evolution of the art; I've gotten better at cleaning up the line art, learned new tricks, and gotten back into the practice of drawing overall. I've learned how to use Photoshop better, and I've gotten a better Photoshop.

Alot of it, though--most of it, I dare say--has to do with the characters themselves. Not alot of people realize it, but when I originally started writing Mushroom Go, I honestly had no idea where it was going. I had a handful of basic characters mapped out, and a general grasp of where the first arc would take the cast. Hilariously, one of the only things I knew for certain was where Go himself came from--despite the first page establishing "amnesia," and despite the fact that I might not get to touch that plot point for another bajillion pages or so.

But alot of the characters were only fleshed out in the vaguest sense--as time has gone on, alot of the comic has kind of written itself as the cast becomes more solidified in my mind. Their personalities haven't really changed, but I've delved into their mindsets more--their back stories, their reasons and agendas. Everything's pretty well set in stone now, or so I like to think--though that can change in an instant if something new occurs to me. Hell, one question that Cassiopia PMed me with resulted in half this arc coming into existence, as she raised an inquiry about Palma I hadn't honestly thought about.

Tangents. Anyway, the personalities are pretty well cemented, but everyones' physical appearance has kind of changed over time to reflect my better understanding of them. It goes into the whole "I'm more of a writer than a drawer" situation, I guess. McCoy has become more solemn looking and more physically built. Martello's ears have gone from pointing up to out to up again. Guy has gotten a little taller, and certain subconscious things I was doing with his design have become intentional.

With it being an arc mostly about Palma, I guess it's appropriate that she's changed the most. She's gotten larger, started to emote with her glasses (instead of the still, more realistic frames), and as of -very- recently, picked up stronger looking arms. The character has changed rather dramatically over the course of the chapter, and I'm wondering if I'll end up doing the same with the other characters--I've mentioned before that the next arc is mostly about Martello.

Anyway, this chapter's almost over, I swear. I'm driving myself crazy with my inability to answer a question without raising thirty more, but I swear, I do actually have answers for most of this stuff and I will totally get to all of it. I'd really like to start pumping out two strips a week again--I'm impatient, and I want to tell this story alot faster than I am. While I may have started with no idea where I was going, I now have this intricate, crazy series of long running concepts in my mind and I want to start digging into them. Some of the smallest, most insignificant seeming details in the first fifty pages will be so integral and so important later and I cannot wait until I get to bring those things to light. I love seeing speculation about the comic, and the upcoming chapters are going to be absolutely insane when it comes to prompting talk, I just know it.

Rant over. Maybe. We'll see how the night goes.

Happy New Years to everyone, and try not to drink as much as I am.
Morgenstern 31st Dec 2010, 4:09 PM edit delete
Ha, I knew I was forgetting something. I'm one of the folks involved with a collaborative comic! Check it out over at http://detective.thecomicseries.com/

Steve the Mew hunter 31st Dec 2010, 4:28 PM edit delete reply
Steve the Mew hunter
comic still as cool as ever
Co0kieL0rd 31st Dec 2010, 5:45 PM edit delete reply
I really dunno why I'm online this early (5:40 am), writing a comment here - I guess it's because I'm still mellow and not tired at all. Well, of course I'm writing because I like you comic and I'm excited to know how it might go on. I find it funny to read about you having long story arcs in mind now, and not being fast enough in writing and drawing to tell the story. And I find it funny that I'm writing much more in this comment´than I did before on this page. I guess I just felt like doing so and, well, have a great new year and stuff^^
Co0kieL0rd 31st Dec 2010, 5:51 PM edit delete reply
Somehow I fail to edit my comment because I just registered after I posted it so the server says, it's not my comment. I wanted to add, it's funny that you can't tell the story you have in your mind, because I have the same problem with stories I'm currently working on and I hate that problem. Well, I hope you keep on and have fun writing your comic.
Jimmy Kudo 31st Dec 2010, 6:55 PM edit delete reply
Found this comic last week from a link that was on Shortpacked, and I have to say I've loved it from the beginning. I also subscribed! Keep up the great work and I look forward to more of Mushroom Go!
Infamous Nefarious 31st Dec 2010, 8:05 PM edit delete reply
Infamous Nefarious
I dig this update. The dust is settling and the crew are acting like people who just escaped a scarey freakin close call with a homidical/megalomaniacal plant monster. It's all good.
Infamous Nefarious 31st Dec 2010, 8:09 PM edit delete reply
Infamous Nefarious
On a side note.... When I read Palma's dialogue, her voice in my head sounds like Jeanine Melnitz, The Ghostbusters secretary. And from the movies, not the cartoon. Tho both were good. And the recent game wasn't half bad either.
Madness 31st Dec 2010, 11:07 PM edit delete reply
The only Mario game I ever (really) played was the original Mario Bros. game on Gameboy Color. Took me 3 years to finish, but 10 years and counting to get all the awards. (tough little bugger that thur game is, still haven't gotten my fill.)
And suuuuure, I've borrowed Yoshi Island on DS from a friend, and even played a few free levels of Mario on the Wii in the local GameStop, but the original game will always be closest to my heart.
o^-^o And I'm really excited, hoping a few details from the original game will be included in the future.

I love your comic no matter what! It's AWESOME. And hey! the website is working for me now!
Owl 1st Jan 2011, 8:48 AM edit delete reply
This comic is as amazing as always and I can't wait to read more!

@ Infamous: I now can't read anything Palma says without having that voice in my head.
That Guy 1st Jan 2011, 12:53 PM edit delete reply
That Guy
So in other words her room is radioactive... but with magic. :D
Infamous Nefarious 1st Jan 2011, 2:24 PM edit delete reply
Infamous Nefarious
Mission: Accomplished. Proceeding to phase 2.
Grimlock13 1st Jan 2011, 2:29 PM edit delete reply
Martelo lost her hat, yet we can't see her eyes, way to keep some mystery
3 1st Jan 2011, 11:57 PM edit delete reply
Is that a servbot head on the boxes in the background?
Morgenstern 2nd Jan 2011, 2:01 AM edit delete reply
It's a Gearmo head.
Jimmy Kudo 2nd Jan 2011, 2:00 PM edit delete reply
I'd LOVE to get a Guy cosplay costume. Wish I knew how to make one. Anyone know someone who's into making cosplay costumes?
IronHeart 2nd Jan 2011, 7:12 PM edit delete reply
An idea:
A cactus, meandering outside the burning lab, suddenly shutters and explodes. Out of the pulp, Thrive reconstitutes himself and stares at the Chainless as it roves across the horizon into the setting sun.

"I'll never forget you, Palma."
"You chose your friends over the world."
"MY world."
"I feel I must find you again..."
"For I have never hated anyone as much as I hate you."
SleepleSS 3rd Jan 2011, 2:35 AM edit delete reply
I love Martelo so much! She is the coolest (and hottest) Koopa ever!

I can't wait to read the story arc about her!!1
Snoof 3rd Jan 2011, 8:03 AM edit delete reply
I just finished an archive binge, and I'd like to say I really like this comic. The art style is pretty cool, the writing is good and the plot seems interesting. Keep it up!
Infamous Nefarious 4th Jan 2011, 4:10 AM edit delete reply
Infamous Nefarious
Initiate Phase 2: numerous gold chains on Morgensterns avatar. I pity the foo who don't agree.
Grimlock13 6th Jan 2011, 7:24 AM edit delete reply
I just remember something. The official name for the well known power star(invisibility star, super star, etc...) is the Starman. I wonder why it was called that way?
Hobojoe007 29th May 2011, 1:07 AM edit delete reply
Palma's too sexy for her shorts :P
infinity6 12th Aug 2011, 9:43 PM edit delete reply
oh my stinking dog, the mini piranha is adorable.
Kanerou 11th Mar 2012, 7:52 PM edit delete reply
The little clammy plant... I'm not sure whether to squee over its cuteness or shake my fist at it.