The Cast

(if you haven't read the comic yet, slight spoilers ahead)



Race: Toad

Talents: Basic magic, the Old Art, strangely informative dreams

Likes: Videogames, cartoons, proving his usefulness

Dislikes: Nightmares, the past, sudden changes



Sasha Martello

Race: Koopa

Talents: Improvising, mechanical and tactical expertise

Likes: Gadgets, rock music, being feared and respected

Dislikes: Laziness, being upstaged or underestimated, restraint



Roxette Palma

Race: Pianta

Talents: Well-read on a variety of subjects, pretty strong

Likes: Trivia, adventure and romance, new experiences

Dislikes: Excessive walking, bullies




Race: Raven

Talents: Versatile traveller, numerous fighting styles

Likes: Living the "good life," classy ladies, dirty jokes

Dislikes: Philosophy and spirituality, unnecessary risks




Race: Shyguy

Talents: Impressive dexterity, imitation after observation

Likes: Making and fixing things, music you can dance to

Dislikes: Being alone, robots (unless they're cute robots)



Coming soon: Villains, side characters, more information